October 23, 2017 - 3 Cheshvan 5778


Book delves into the life of Adam Gopnik

The New Yorker writeris one of this generation’s most important observers, interpreters and chroniclers of Western society

A religious Zionist’s quandary: is this land only our land?

Even if the Land of Israel is promised to the Jewish People, this does not permit us to ignore existing non-Jewish communities.

Danish rescue film inspired by true events

Across the Waters has been a passion project for director, whose grandfather was one of the fishermen who saved thousands of Jews in 1943.

June 1967

How the 1967 war turned Israel into a pariah state

Once defeated by the powerful and therefore no longer embattled Israelis, the Arabs became the objects of pity, and were assigned the part of victim.



Living Jewish


The times they ain’t a changin’ so much

The Times They Are A Changin’ is a new musical that celebrates Jewish voices of the 1960s whose music and lyrics echoed the thoughts of that generation

Shabbat Times




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